The 2 Questions Every High Achiever Must Answer

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The last blog post of 2013… Initially, I considered writing on goal setting but thought the idea was cliché so I scratched it (For those still interested, here are three great videos by Michael Hyatt to help you with goals). Next, I considered a daily to-do post but scratched that idea too (To explore that topic, check out Joseph LaLonde’s post here). Finally, my thoughts settled on four words I believe you must understand and apply to achieve more in life. Are you ready for them?? Here they are: FOCUS ON …

Michael KThe 2 Questions Every High Achiever Must Answer

Empowering Leaders Don’t Drive From The Backseat

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Commenting on his thoughts about leadership, Bill Gates once said, “As we look into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” What a powerful statement from a man who not only led the world into a software revolution at Microsoft, but is now leading a philanthropic revolution of global proportions. You and I may not be working on causes as massive as Gates’ work to eradicate malaria globally, but empowering others is no less important to our leadership as it is to his. So exactly what is …

Michael KEmpowering Leaders Don’t Drive From The Backseat

Merry Christmas

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I want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year filled with lots of happiness, health, and love! May God continue to bless you both today and every day of the coming year!

Michael KMerry Christmas

I Can’t Wait For The Holidays

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Waiting… It seems like almost everywhere we go, we’re forced to wait at one time or another. Our doctors make us wait in waiting rooms before we are treated. If we’re not waiting in traffic on our morning commute, we’re waiting at a red light at a nearby intersection. And let’s not forget how television networks make us wait for months to watch our favorite shows once they’ve aired the season finale. Waiting, it seems, is just a part of life. In Luke 2:25, we’re introduced to a man named …

Michael KI Can’t Wait For The Holidays

Joel Osteen

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“I always want to listen to people and receive good criticism, but I just don’t have to answer to them; I have to answer to God.”

Michael KJoel Osteen