The 2 Questions Every High Achiever Must Answer

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The last blog post of 2013…

Initially, I considered writing on goal setting but thought the idea was cliché so I scratched it (For those still interested, here are three great videos by Michael Hyatt to help you with goals).

Next, I considered a daily to-do post but scratched that idea too (To explore that topic, check out Joseph LaLonde’s post here).

Finally, my thoughts settled on four words I believe you must understand and apply to achieve more in life. Are you ready for them??

Here they are:


Expecting more?? Let’s look further at two clarifying questions to help maximize the potential of these words.

1. What do you do that helps others? You are here on this earth to help others. Everyone needs help with something in their lives. The world is full of problems that are ripe to be solved. You are someone’s solution to a problem they’re currently facing.

If we take a quick look at Interbrand’s top 3 “Best Global Brands of 2013”, we find that all three brands help our lives in some way. Apple (the #1 global brand) helps simplify technology. Google (#2) helps compile data into usable information. Coca-Cola (#3) helps refresh the world.

Now back to you. YOU help others _______? You must clarify your answer to this question before you move forward to the second question.

2. How will you offer help in your unique way? The world is full of products, ideas, and solutions. With everyone saying something, how will you cut through the noise and clutter to be seen and heard? In addition to clarifying how you help others, you must also clarify how you will offer that help in ways that only you or your business uniquely can.

For example, businesses for years processed credit transactions at cash registers, but Square’s popularity is rising because they are helping businesses process these same transactions remotely. People had long connected through emails and faxes, but Facebook uniquely helped us connect online through profiles and pages. Your unique perspective is the key to building your platform and increasing your exposure, income, and credibility.

If you desire to go further in understanding, building, and monetizing your unique platform, I recommend you read Platform by Michael Hyatt and The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.

Zig Ziglar, personal development guru, frequently said “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

So how will you uniquely help others?

Whatever your answer, this upcoming year go out and do it well! There’s a reward in it both for others and for you.

What would a platform possibly look like for you in 2014? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Michael KThe 2 Questions Every High Achiever Must Answer

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