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I want to thank everyone that took out the time to complete my 2014 reader survey! The participation was great and as I mentioned here in the original survey post 11 days ago, I truly believe your feedback will allow me to better tailor the blog content even more to meet your specific needs.

With that said, I want to provide you with a glimpse into some of the data compiled from the survey. I also want to share with you a few of the insights I have taken away from the data so far.

If I were to take the results and compile them into a typical reader profile, it would look like this:

My typical reader is a female (83%) between the ages of 31-50 (65%). She has at least a college degree (63%) and lives here in the U.S.

An active Christian (98%), she is a leader (55%) at her non-denominational church (96%), which she attends at least weekly (92%) because her faith is very important to her (98%).

She actively engages social media—primarily Facebook (88%) and Twitter (65%)—but she is not an active user on Instagram (60%) or Pinterest (55%). She found my blog through a recommendation on Facebook (55%) and usually reads the majority of my new blog posts (92%)—she’s such a wise woman…Just a little humor!!

In addition to reader demographic information, your survey participation also produced dozens of open-ended suggestions on ways that I could improve the blog even more. Here are a few of the insights that I’ve gathered from your comments:

1. Focus on 2 to 3 content categories. Although a number of respondents mentioned that they enjoyed the variety of content topics, a trend appeared and three content categories were overwhelmingly listed as the most popular. Those three listed in their order of popularity were: (1) personal development (24%), (2) spiritual growth (23%), and (3) leadership (21%).

My site statistics also back up these survey results. These same three categories are the three highest viewed categories since I launched the blog back in December 2013. As a result, I plan to begin writing more content focused on going deeper into these three categories specifically, but I’ll still occasionally sprinkle in a miscellaneous topic just for variety’s sake.

2. Include more video content. A couple of recommendations came in that suggested a way to improve the blog was to add a video post format along with the written post format I currently use. Well, I’ve heard you! Moving forward, I plan to fire up the camera and start sharing some of my new content with you occasionally through 2-3 min video posts. Say cheese!!

3. Recommended reading. A few suggestions also came in to add a “Recommended Reading” page to the top of the blog along with the “About” page. That’s an easy addition to make. Once I’ve added the new page, I’m also considering refreshing it periodically and adding new book recommendations as I run across authors that I think will be helpful to you.

P.S. If you want my thoughts on some good books that you can begin reading right now, click here to check out my list of 10 books I plan to read in 2014.

4. The blog so far is actually kinda helpful. A number of people’s survey responses mentioned that the blog is helping them in their personal growth and development. I LOVE hearing stories and feedback about how you’re using the information to help you as you navigate life.

Remember, this blog is about you—so if you have something you’d like for me to write on, share your thoughts with me by leaving comments on the blog posts. I read each and every comment and I really do appreciate and value your insight!

This list above is not exhaustive. I am continuing to work through the many other answers and I plan to keep making adjustments throughout the year that will position the blog to add even more value to you.

One last heads up: I’m excited to announce to you that I recently began working on a new e-book that I believe will really equip and encourage you in your personal growth. Anyone who is a subscriber to my blog will receive a free copy once it’s complete so be on the lookout for future updates of the progress here on the site.

Have any additional insights from the data that you’d like to share? Feel free to share them or any other general thoughts by leaving a comment.

Michael KInsights From My 2014 Reader Survey

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  1. TJ

    Looking forward to the changes and new material that’s on the way.. You’re really doing a great job…. This blog will prosper no doubt..

  2. Michelle Moore

    Thanks for the update! And I’m very excited to hear that you are working on an e-book! I can’t wait to read it!

    1. Michael K

      Thanks Michelle for pushing me to just START the blog instead of 8 months of constantly “PLANNING to start” it!! Lol

      “Improve While We Move” is the motto for 2014!!

      I really do appreciate your encouragement & support!

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