Make New Mistakes

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As a leader, you may often find yourself wrestling with the following question: How do I balance providing those I lead with the grace needed to make mistakes yet not create a culture that sacrifices a standard of excellence?

As you navigate this tension, it’s important to keep in mind that mistakes are a part of life and growth.

People who are difference makers aren’t afraid to dream dangerously and take risks. Their mistakes are birthed out of effort and exploration of new frontiers.

If those you lead never make a mistake, it’s likely because they’re playing it safe and are stuck inside of their comfort zone.

I don’t mind it when those that I lead make mistakes…but I do prefer that they make new mistakes. Mistakes different from those made the last time. Mistakes that expectedly will happen as they try something new or create something that’s never existed.

Oftentimes, leaders don’t mind new mistakes either…they just don’t want to keep seeing the same mistakes made over…and over…and over again.

The same mistakes made over and over again are what eventually lead to an erosion of excellence over time.

So let’s make mistakes that take us further down the road…mistakes that take us that much closer to a destination of success…not mistakes on the road to nowhere.

What’s your personal perspective on making mistakes? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Michael KMake New Mistakes

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