10 Books I’m Reading in 2014 & Why

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Strengthen my marriage. Silence my inner critic. Learn from my past mistakes. Improve and leverage my leadership. Those are a few of my personal development resolutions for 2014. To assist me, I’ve selected a few books for my reading list that I’d love to share with you. Please note that this list is not exhaustive neither is it listed in order of importance. With that said, here’s what’s on my 2014 reading list and why: 1. Uncommon Marriage by Tony Dungy. As the first African American coach to ever win the …

Michael K10 Books I’m Reading in 2014 & Why

5 Steps To Improving Your Weekly Productivity

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Happy New Year!! I love the New Year because it’s an opportunity to start over. Most of us start by resolving to increase our productivity in some way or another. Success in keeping these resolutions often comes down to two things: the people around us and how we use our time. In a previous post, we explored the importance of our associations. Today, I want to give you a five step system to help you improve your weekly productivity. Step 1. Reflect & Review. Dr. Michael D. Moore states that “Successful …

Michael K5 Steps To Improving Your Weekly Productivity