3 Reasons Why Your Team Member May Be Underperforming

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As a leader, at some time or another, you will face a situation where an individual on your team is performing below supervisory expectations. What should you do when there is a gap between the level of performance that you expect and what is actually being produced? As a starting point, examine the set of metrics you are using to evaluate the individual’s performance. Are the metrics designed correctly? Are you measuring what ultimately matters? Assuming that you are indeed using the proper set of performance evaluation metrics, there are …

Michael K3 Reasons Why Your Team Member May Be Underperforming

Insights From The Catalyst One Day Conference

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This past Monday, I had an opportunity to attend an all day leadership event with a few of my coworkers and several people from my leadership life group. This event, the Catalyst One Day┬áconference, was an all day leadership experience hosted by NorthPoint Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. The conference’s leadership content was presented by Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel–both founders and senior pastors of two of the largest multi-site churches in the U.S. (NorthPoint Community Church and LifeChurch.tv, respectively). In today’s post, I’d like to share with you a …

Michael KInsights From The Catalyst One Day Conference

3 Questions Your Next Proposal Should Answer

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Do you have an idea that you believe could change things for the better? Are you frustrated with mundane routines that are producing mediocre results? Do you know of a better way? Submitting a proposal is a great way for you to showcase your ideas in ways that create value for your organization. Whether it’s for a project, a process, or a different type of proposal, the goal of any proposal is to convince your readers that they should choose your proposed choice. Learning how to write an effective proposal …

Michael K3 Questions Your Next Proposal Should Answer

Jonah: A Story Bigger Than Just A Fish

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In order to fully understand any parable or story, you must first identify and analyze the primary characters. The Biblical story of Jonah is no different. Most people associate this story with Jonah and his really big fish. While Jonah himself is indeed one of the story’s primary characters, the fish—although often highlighted the most in the re-telling of this story—is only a secondary character. To truly grasp the entirety of Jonah’s story and its underlying applications, we have to identify and analyze the second main character besides Jonah—the Assyrian …

Michael KJonah: A Story Bigger Than Just A Fish


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THE RECAP In Monday’s post, I presented you with a modern day parable and asked you to fill in the blank and then to guess which Bible story served as the inspiration. I want to send a big thanks to all of those who chose to participate!—6 people total to be exact. However, I must admit that I was a bit surprised that the total number of responses wasn’t higher. I thought this might mean one of two things: 1. Most of my subscribers weren’t really into this type of a …