8 Mobile Apps You Don’t Want To Miss-Part 2

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Two months ago, I wrote a post entitled “8 Mobile Apps You Don’t Want To Miss—Part 1.” The post seemed to be well received and generated a good amount of site traffic. If you missed that original post, you can go back and read it by clicking here.

Today, I’d like to circle back around for Part 2 of this series. Below are 8 more mobile apps that I think are worth checking out. FYI: I’ve not compiled this list in any order of importance.

1. Lose-It. We’re around a month and a half into 2014 and millions of people started their year off trying to get in better shape. While there are a number of things that factor into maintaining a healthy lifestyle, none are bigger than what I call the “critical two”—nutrition and exercise. The Lose-It app allows you to track both.

I’ve come to realize through personal experience that if you eat what you’ve always eaten, you’ll weigh what you’ve always weighed. It’s not enough to just know what we’re putting into our mouths; we also must know what’s inside of what we’re putting in our mouths.

Lose-It is the simplest way that I’ve found to get nutritional information for busy people on the go (both for homemade food items as well as a ton of restaurants). The app also tracks your exercise and in combination with your nutrition, it provides you with the resulting bottom line heath info. This app is free and is available for download on both iPhone and Android devices.

2. irunurun. This app is pronounced just like it sounds…“I run. You run.” A personal productivity and accountability app, it was created based on the following premise—we are what we repeatedly do.

Irunurun helps you to build better habits—or “activities” as they’re called in the app—that will over time release the greatness that’s inside of you. It works best when you have someone else also on the app that can provide some accountability. Check it out! It’s free but is currently only available for download on iPhone devices.

3. Bible.Is. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. This app is great for hearing the truth of God’s Word whether you’re at home in your living room or driving in your car on the way to work. The reading of Scripture is dramatized so it keeps you engaged as you listen. This app is free and is available for download on both iPhone and Android devices.

4. Instasize. Ever tried taking a picture and posting it on Instagram only to find that the picture was too big to fit into Instagram’s narrow square frame? If so, this app is your solution. Whether you have a panoramic shot or a zoomed in close-up, Instasize will resize your pics down to the perfect size for Instagram. I love it and use it often. This app is free and is available for download on both iPhone and Android devices.

5. AroundMe. If you’re anything like me, you may not be as familiar with different parts of your city…let alone other cities you may travel to. With the AroundMe app, you’re only one touch away from knowing what’s around you. Whether you’re looking for restaurants, movie theaters, or gas stations, this app allows you to easily search and locate what’s nearest to you. This app is free and is available for download on both iPhone and Android devices.

6. DayOne. For most of my life, I’ve never been able to consistently keep a journal. This is the year that I’m trying to make some changes to that and begin to journal more. DayOne is my digital journal app of choice. It allows you to capture text, dates, locations, pictures, etc. so that all of your memories are saved and organized in one place. DayOne costs $4.99 and is currently available for download only on Apple devices (FYI: Interested Android users may want to check out a similar app entitled Day Journal).

7. MindNode. Mind mapping is a great way to visually organize your thoughts with style. MindNode creates beautiful mind maps and it’s great for brainstorming your personal and professional ideas. At $9.99, MindNode is priced very high for a mobile app and there are indeed a number of other free mind mapping apps out there. However, MindNode is the best mind mapping app that I’ve been able to find thus far. It is currently only available for download on Apple devices. To check it out, click here.

8. TED. Great thinkers do two things: (1) They constantly expand their worldviews and (2) they intentionally expose themselves to new information. In short, great thinkers are life-long learners.

TED, the official TED talks app, has hundreds of great presentations from world-class speakers to help you expand your thinking and expose yourself to new information.

These talks are organized into categories ranging on everything from religion to social media to branding to parenting. It is a free app and is available for download on both iPhone and Android devices.

Have any other mobile app recommendations? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Michael K8 Mobile Apps You Don’t Want To Miss-Part 2

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      Michael K

      Thanks Michelle! I personally like it. It even has different translations in it too. The reader’s voice has kind of an accent which makes it cool also.

      1. Anonymous

        Hey Mike
        Great follow up to first part..I particularly like Bibleis….mindnode…and TED…gotta try these soon..great info..keeep-it-coming

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      Michael K

      I love it too Weiada! It’s the first real nutrition/exercise app that I downloaded & actually used consistently! Glad to hear you enjoyed the info!

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