A Parable: “Your Morning Commute”

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This post is different. It requires your participation. When asked on my 2014 reader survey for recommendations to improve the blog, a few of you recommended that I try a blog series. Well, today’s post is the first of a 3 part series this week. Below is a parable. First, there’s a blank at the end. How would you fill it? Second, what story from the Bible do you think this parable is inspired by? Leave a comment telling both of your answers. On Wednesday, I’ll post some of your …

Michael KA Parable: “Your Morning Commute”

8 Mobile Apps You Don’t Want To Miss-Part 2

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Two months ago, I wrote a post entitled “8 Mobile Apps You Don’t Want To Miss—Part 1.” The post seemed to be well received and generated a good amount of site traffic. If you missed that original post, you can go back and read it by clicking here. Today, I’d like to circle back around for Part 2 of this series. Below are 8 more mobile apps that I think are worth checking out. FYI: I’ve not compiled this list in any order of importance. 1. Lose-It. We’re around a …

Michael K8 Mobile Apps You Don’t Want To Miss-Part 2

Good News Is For Sharing

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Good news. We all enjoy receiving it. It’s even better when we get to share some of our own. Whether it’s a young couple excitedly announcing their recent engagement or your best friend calling to say they just scored the last two tickets to the hottest concert in town, we all know the feeling of joy that’s produced when good news is shared. Well, the term gospel simply means what else? —Good News. So it should be clearly understandable why God, just like any of us, would also want His …

Michael KGood News Is For Sharing

Don’t Settle For Good Enough

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Hebrews Chapter 11 is nicknamed “The Hall of Faith” because it’s full of Bible characters that chose to believe God and His Word despite opposing circumstances. As you read the different names listed, it’s pretty easy to see how someone like Noah made the list—he built a massive boat for the largest flood ever recorded. It’s pretty easy to see how someone like Abraham made the list too—he believed God for a baby when he was 100 years old. But there’s one verse in particular that’s rarely ever discussed in …

Michael KDon’t Settle For Good Enough

Introducing The New MichaelKMoore.Com

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Welcome to the newly redesigned michaelkmoore.com! I’m excited about all of the changes to the site’s design and back-end functionality and I’d love to share a few of the changes with you… SELF-HOSTED The first major switch is more of a behind the scenes switch to a self-hosted blog. I decided to move from my old WordPress.com site to a new WordPress.org site hosted by BlueHost. This switch gives me the capability to do a number of things down the road that I couldn’t do before such as sending customized …

Michael KIntroducing The New MichaelKMoore.Com