My Take On The Noah Film Controversy

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ve probably heard about all of the controversy surrounding the new Noah film that hit theaters this past weekend.


If you aren’t familiar with the controversy, much of the criticism has revolved around some flavor of the following aspects related to the film:

Atheist director…
Biblically inaccurate…
Extreme overuse of creative liberty…
Blatant omission of God’s name…

Here’s what I know…

One way or another, you likely have some position about this movie:

It may be that you’re turned off by the controversy surrounding it…

Or maybe you don’t see what all the fuss is about…

Or frankly, maybe you could care less!

Whatever your position, I’d like to take a second and give my own take on the controversy…

For starters, let me say that it’s not my place to try to tell you what you should or shouldn’t watch or support.

As intelligent, mature adults, you have every right to exercise the full extent of your power to choose…

What TO watch and…

What NOT to watch…

As Christians, however, I believe that through all of the chatter and debate surrounding this movie, it’s important that we also keep in mind Jesus’ command given over in Matthew 5:16:

“So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

Let me explain what I mean further…

The biggest issue that I’ve had with most of the comments that I’ve read on social media over the weekend has been the fact that while many Christians have been very vocal about pointing out to others WHAT IS WRONG with the movie, they have also been disappointingly less vocal about pointing out to others WHERE TO FIND THE TRUTH!

As Christians, we’re not called to simply curse the darkness in the world; we’re called to shine our lights brightly in the midst of it. [Click here to tweet that].

Let me be clear! It’s more than okay to disagree with how you believe the story of Noah was told! But, just because we disagree with something in the culture doesn’t absolve us of our responsibilities to shine our lights and speak up by pointing others to the truth.

To take it even further, I find it fascinating that some of the same Christians who are deeply offended because of the personal beliefs and lifestyle of this film’s director aren’t equally as vocal and passionate about consistently transferring that logic by refraining from using Apple’s devices because of its CEO’s sexual orientation and because of Apple’s corporate position on a number of controversial cultural issues [Click here to check out a 2013 article detailing Apple’s position as a company regarding marriage equality].

I truly believe that much of the controversy about this new film is rooted in a distorted perspective that many have about Hollywood’s purpose and its role.

Hollywood’s job is not to show the world the importance and the accuracy of Scripture. That job is reserved for the church! [Click here to tweet that.]

That job, my friends, is yours and mine!!

So I ask you…

Who have you pointed back to the Scriptures to read the true Biblical account of Noah’s life?

Have you carved out any time to go back and reread the Biblical story yourself so that you can respond accurately to and effectively engage the culture?

Hollywood has given us as believers a huge opportunity to engage in a national debate about the Bible. What an incredible opportunity!! What a great moment to leverage our influence!!

Instead of solely debating back and forth our opinions of the film director’s agenda and personal beliefs, why not also choose to use our voices to help others understand what we believe and know to be the truth?

For sure some of you will adamantly disagree with my position. And that’s ok!!

In life we will often disagree with many things that others believe; however, we must not let those disagreements keep us from engaging in meaningful and mutually beneficial conversations.

It’s time for the church to BE the church…it’s time for OUR voices to be heard…

The question is “Are you opening your mouth to saying ANYTHING?”

What’s your take on the controversy surrounding the new Noah film? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

P.S. In this upcoming Wednesday’s post, we’ll look further at the Biblical story of Noah to search for a few of the practical insights that can be applied to our own personal lives.

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Michael KMy Take On The Noah Film Controversy

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  1. Klaudia

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  2. Gail H

    Thank you Michael K. for that great insight. I have heard the great controversy concerning the director and the movie. I have not seen the movie more so because I heard the story line is not accurate. Even if it adds some fun entertainment , I would prefer to not PAY for a movie. that devalues the real story line. As far as how the director lives his own life , I could care less.

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  3. Eric

    I agree that the church confuse the role of Hollywood . Hollywood never made the commitment to preach the gospel. But they are committed to entertain us. We must understand the plan of a organization and it’s purpose or we will have a unrealistic expectation that will produce confusion and frustration. We should remember it is the church responsibility to preach the gospel and not Hollywood. When we don’t understand these roles it will create a loss of focus and wasted energy on the churchs. That will cause us to try to get a organization to do something they never committed to. God call us to go into the world and declare the gospel . So let us take our place and bear up our responsibility.

  4. Will Anderson

    The funny thing for me is I have not seen the movie!
    I’ve heard all the hype though !!
    Don ‘t go!
    How could he do that!
    The director is atheist and so on and so on!
    I’m willing to bet this is exactly what they wanted to do is get Christians upset and saying the first thing that comes to their brain. MK points out reading scripture to get the insight of Noah ‘s story to verbally respond with a realistic and comvincing reply. What’s kind of scary, is for people who go to see the movie unaware of scripture at all, and based the movie’s prospective as a scriptural viewpoint to believe by. As Christians we should pray that the lost get the truth and don’t based their believing from a movie!

  5. Katrina Richardson

    Great article! I wholeheartedly agree regarding how Christians should let their light shine to be an example for the world. Hollywood will always be just that Hollywood, and there are a lot of factors that play a role in scripting a movie, including corporate values which will not always line up with the word of God.

  6. Ron Reese

    Mike first let me
    say, great insight about our role as the church …. As far as the film goes …..I go to movie not for history or biblical insight but to be entertained . Most so called biblical films are not biblically accurate to begin with even when the so called Christian community approves of them . The majority of biblical films present an American stereo type and traditional point of view of the bible . The good thing about this film is that at least people are going with a suspicious eye which in not the case for most biblical films which can make them more dangerous . So Mike, it’s a good wake up call but I will rent this one

  7. Toni Pierce

    As you so eloquently put it – Hollywood’s job is ENTERTAINMENT! If you want to know the truth thru scripture, READ YOUR BIBLE! Thanks for sharing!

  8. George Johnson

    Great post! I have not had a chance to watch the movie. Walking this final stretch of my dissertation I have not had a chance to watch anything! However, I agree totally with your point. Its time to point people in the direction of truth. This is our time as a church, to take a firm stance and become a beacon of hope and direction. I mention earlier I am in the final stages of my doctorate program. Many in my cohort WHO are Christians are trying to reason away from the TRUTH and some are fearful of their stance because they don’t know the bible for themselves. I believe this is our time to BE the CHURCH and confront these deceptions head on with LOVE and TRUTH!

  9. Ken Moorer

    LOL! You could’ve just typed this and the post would’ve been spot on.

    “Hollywood’s job is not to show the world the importance and the accuracy of Scripture. That job is reserved for the church!”

  10. S Houston

    My husband and I took our kids to see the movie, not knowing of any controversy surrounding it. Before leaving the theater we overheard a father say to his kids, “there must be a Genesis B”! As soon as we got to our car I read out loud the story to our kids – from the Bible. Even though they are teenagers and knew the story, I wanted them to be very sure what the Bible said and we had dialect all the way home about it. If we got anything from the movie it was, READ and know the Bible for yourself !

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