Good Enough To Start

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“If you set your bar at AMAZING, it’s awfully difficult to start.” –Seth Godin One of the biggest roadblocks to forward progress is the desire to have an optimal start. Whether you’re launching a new business, writing your first book, or whatever your goal may be, often the greatest temptation that you will ever face is the pursuit of getting everything “just right” before you get started. You’ll be tempted to plan…to benchmark other’s success…to “do your homework”… All of which are great and noteworthy things in and of themselves–the …

Michael KGood Enough To Start

God Is A God Of Refills

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“HE RESTORES MY SOUL…” – Psalms 23:3 Ever been served at a restaurant by a really good waiter? How about a really bad one? Typically, one of the ways that I determine whether or not my waiter is good is by answering this question: “Does he allow my beverage to go completely empty without a refill?” Well, similarly to a good waiter, David describes for us in Psalms 23 God’s qualities as the Good Shepherd. In verse 3, he says that one of the qualities demonstrating God’s goodness is that …

Michael KGod Is A God Of Refills

2 Powerful Statements That Have Shaped My Thinking

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It’s likely that there have been countless statements throughout your life that have impacted you in some way. That’s certainly been the case in my own life. Today, I’d like to share with you a few insights from two of the many statements that have helped to shape and impact my own thinking the most: 1. “THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MORE GOOD IDEAS THAN THERE IS CAPACITY TO EXECUTE.” 24 HOURS. It’s all the time we each receive on any given day. Wildly successful people aren’t successful because they receive …

Michael K2 Powerful Statements That Have Shaped My Thinking