Mirror Mirror On The Wall

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Our self-perception, whether positive or negative, affects every aspect of our lives. In general, highly successful people are also highly confident people because of the following truth: The view that we have about ourselves determines our level of achievement in life. [Click here to tweet that] To help us improve our confidence and look out for negative behaviors to avoid, here are seven habits that highly confident people refuse to practice: 1. Make excuses. Highly confident people choose to take responsibility for their decision and actions. Refusing to blame others for …

Michael KMirror Mirror On The Wall

“Will I Do?” vs. “Can I Do?”: Which One Are You Asking?

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Worry always connects to the future. It is always related to unknown future outcomes. It’s easily identified because it always focuses on the negative responses to this question: “What WILL I DO if…?” The thing that makes worry so unproductive is that whenever we’re worried, our worry doesn’t change anything about the outcome of the future scenario (Jesus said something similar over in Matthew 6:27). Here’s a quick tip: Whenever you’re tempted to worry, no matter what it is about, simply swapping out the question that you ask yourself makes …

Michael K“Will I Do?” vs. “Can I Do?”: Which One Are You Asking?

15 Things You Must Embrace To Achieve Your Dreams

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Building the life of your dreams is absolutely possible, but it will require that you have the right tools. While many people have lofty dreams of success, not everyone who has a dream will see it fulfilled. Here are 15 things you should embrace to achieve all that you dream and more: 1. Believe in yourself. Fulfillment of your dream will require an unshakeable confidence in yourself and your vision. Have it and you’ll push through seemingly impassable obstacles. Don’t and you quit sooner rather than later. (Read more here.) 2. …

Michael K15 Things You Must Embrace To Achieve Your Dreams

The Disease To Please

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“If they be…men pleasers or men fearers…they cannot take hold of the Church nor the world for God.” –E.M. Bounds Do you expect applause from others? It’s a question that truly only you can answer. And your answer has less to do with “what you’re doing” than it does “why you’re doing it.” Applause… Do you subconsciously seek it?… Do you expect it?… Are you disappointed when instead of it, you receive its negative manifestation?—CRITICISM The answer to these questions speaks to the condition of your soul. True soul health is rooted …

Michael KThe Disease To Please

Don’t Swallow The Comparison Pill

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“Timothy, my dear son, be strong through the grace that God gives you in Christ Jesus.” – 2 Timothy 2:1 (NLT) I finally gave in! After days and days of nursing allergies caused by the spring pollen, I finally visited the doctor’s office last week and got an allergy shot. With the shot, the doctor also gave me a drug prescription to help strengthen my body’s immune system. Listed among the many instructions on my prescription’s label was the following caution: “This drug is not to be transferred to anyone …

Michael KDon’t Swallow The Comparison Pill