Mirror Mirror On The Wall

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Our self-perception, whether positive or negative, affects every aspect of our lives.

In general, highly successful people are also highly confident people because of the following truth:

The view that we have about ourselves determines our level of achievement in life. [Click here to tweet that]

To help us improve our confidence and look out for negative behaviors to avoid, here are seven habits that highly confident people refuse to practice:

1. Make excuses.

Highly confident people choose to take responsibility for their decision and actions. Refusing to blame others for their short-comings, they recognize that while they may not always be able to influence much of what happens to them, they are in control of how they respond to it.

2. Allow fear to paralyze their progress.

People who are highly confident don’t allow fear to keep them from growing and improving. They view failures as learning opportunities for future attempts. They know that all growth requires risk. Confident people understand that the opportunities are endless for those who are willing to push past their fears.

3. Live in their comfort zone.

Comfort zones are the arenas of our lives where dreams go to die [Click here to tweet that]. Stretching yourself to try new opportunities is the only way you will continue to grow.

4. Judge other people.

Highly confident people don’t focus on the short-comings of others. They have very little time to spend criticizing others because most of their time is spent working to improve themselves. Confident people choose to believe the best in others.

5. View quitting as an option.

Highly confident people are solution minded. They view problems as creative opportunities to try new approaches. People with high confidence choose to crash through their quitting points in pursuit of their goals.

6. Compare themselves.

Highly confident people know that they are not competing with anyone else but themselves. They give their best in all that they do and continually look for ways to improve. They don’t go fishing for compliments neither do they draw comparisons with others to validate their success.

7. Look for permission.

Highly confident people are self-starters who get results. They initiate action and don’t depend on the approval of others to get started and try.

What other habits do highly confident people avoid? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

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Michael KMirror Mirror On The Wall

Comments 2

  1. vonnesia

    I believe confident people love Haters the more you hate the more I elevate! Confident people dont follow trends they are the trend! Confident people listen more than they speak! They take a stand in what they believe in! They dont put down other people

  2. Malinda T. White

    Highly confident people do not focus on their past, instead they are present and fully engaged in the moment.

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