Why Not You?

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You’ve probably never heard of Brock Osweiler. A 6’8” quarterback out of Arizona State, Osweiler was drafted by the Denver Broncos with the 57th pick in the 2012 NFL draft. However, it’s possible you may have heard the name of the guy drafted 18 spots below him… RUSSELL WILSON Wilson is the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks—winners of the 2014 NFL Super Bowl championship. Throughout most of his life, Wilson has had his share of doubters. Standing at a height of only 5’11”, many pro scouts predicted heading into …

Michael KWhy Not You?

What Does My Guitar Have To Do With Your Own Personal Success?

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Seven years ago, I decided to take guitar lessons. At the time, I was performing poetry pieces onstage in various venues and felt that adding an acoustic instrument was a natural progression to take to enhance my art. So I did what anyone else would do who takes their craft seriously—I chose to make a significant investment into my tools and purchased an expensive guitar. Unfortunately, I never became the next Carlos Santana. In fact, I’ve never even used the guitar once onstage at all! If you were to stop …

Michael KWhat Does My Guitar Have To Do With Your Own Personal Success?

4 Personal Insights From The Biblical Account Of Noah

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There’s a lot that can be learned from the Biblical account of Noah. It’s a story filled with implications much bigger than simply a man and his family trying to avoid bad weather. A few of these implications include the often-mentioned themes of faith, obedience, and perseverance; but I also believe that this account can teach us so much more. Below are four insights from the life of Noah to consider and apply in our own everyday lives: 1. It’s never too late for God to use you in a …

Michael K4 Personal Insights From The Biblical Account Of Noah