The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Invest In Your Relationships

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All of us have a range of relationships with the people in our lives. Whether it’s a trusted friend, a romantic companion, or a loyal relative, it is very important that we understand how to keep all of these different relationships healthy. I believe the greatest investment that you can make in building healthy relationships is to be relationally healthy yourself. In order to assist you in maintaining your own relational health, here are five personal habits for you to consider: 1. Make a choice to accept yourself. Two people …

Michael KThe Most Important Thing You Can Do To Invest In Your Relationships

Announcement: Blog Site Transition

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Beginning this upcoming Monday, May 12th, I will transition to publishing new blog posts to on Mondays and Fridays only. The additional margin this transition creates midweek will be beneficial for two reasons: (1) It will allow me to focus on creating better content and resources for you and (2) It will provide me with the space necessary to invest in my own personal growth and development. Thanks in advance for your understanding and for your continued support of this blog. If you have not already, I’d love to …

Michael KAnnouncement: Blog Site Transition

Are You Preparing For Success

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Today’s post begins with a scenario… You receive a call from your best friend saying that your Mom’s favorite store is having a one day only sale on the MUST HAVE gift for moms on Mother’s Day. You decide to meet your friend at the mall and immediately grab your credit card and go to jump in your car. Your friend decides to bring their credit card too plus a little extra cash. After waiting for a long time in line, the store finally opens. But the manager comes out …

Michael KAre You Preparing For Success

How To Keep Hope Alive–Even In The Midst Of Trouble

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The world today is full of bad news. Whether it’s another report of a senseless homicide, a looming financial crisis, or the murder of thousands trapped in civil wars, we are constantly reminded that trouble and tragedy are still alive and well. Regardless, I believe we can still find an anchor of hope that reminds us that good can come our way, even on a daily basis.   In today’s culture, there is arguably no greater opportunity we have for personal expression than Twitter. Athletes have announced career decisions on …

Michael KHow To Keep Hope Alive–Even In The Midst Of Trouble

Just Be

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“One person pretends to be rich, yet has nothing; another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth.” — Proverbs 13:7 Here we see two groups… The first group… Lives in a gated community…but has to sleep on their couch. The first group… Frequents their local country club…but can’t afford the cart fees. The first group… Rocks the flyest clothes and shoes…but pays for it with sky-high interest rates on maxed out credit cards. And then there’s the second group… Who pretends to be poor but in fact is actually wealthy… …

Michael KJust Be