Are You Sitting On Any Bumblebees?

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There’s a story about little boy who one day sat on a park bench in obvious pain.

A man walking by asked the little boy what was wrong.

The boy answered, “I’m sitting on a bumblebee.”

“Then why don’t you get up?” the man asked.

The boy replied, “Because I figure that I am hurting him more than he is hurting me!”

How often do we choose to sit on the bumblebees in our own lives by holding on to unforgiveness?

How easily do we choose to withhold mercy to others when God flamboyantly gives it to us?

How often do we forget that we only hurt ourselves when we choose not to forgive?

So spend some time thinking about your answer to this question:


If so, be sure to remember this:

Your healing process will only begin when you decide to get up and move on!

Michael KAre You Sitting On Any Bumblebees?

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  1. Gary Jimerson

    Very good blog Michael K. Moore. It’s entertaining and enlightening at the same time. Sitting on a Bumble Bee was a issue for me many years, but my Grandmother always told me, “never stay mad at anyone, forgive, hold your head up, and live.” Thanks for sharing this nugget of wisdom.

  2. Ronnie McCall

    This is really good Michael K! I too believe that unforgiveness is a self-destructing toxin that the enemy encourages us to hold on to at all cost, by constantly trying to re-ignite one’s justification for holding on to whatever emotional discomfort one may have caused. Knowing all along that he is serving a form of anesthesia that desensitizes our ability to be emotionally healthy.

    Thanks again for great content on a consistent basis.

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