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I love inspirational quotes!

Better yet, I love finding the rare quote that compels you to reevaluate some part of your life & somehow pushes you to change the way that you think or behave.

This week, I’ve been meditating on two quotes in my quiet time that fall into that latter category for me.

So today, I decided to post them & give you an insider’s look into my personal journal!

The quotes speak for themselves. Therefore, I’ve chose not to add my own explanations of them.

I believe that inner reflection is a crucial part of the personal journey towards self-discovery. 

As we wrestle with a thought over & over in our own minds, only then can we discover something about us that we may have never noticed before.

So here’s the two quotes that I’ve been personally wrestling with…

Feel free to share whatever thoughts you have about them in the comments below.

I hope they resonate with you as much as they have with me!

Quote #1:

“You will become on the outside, what you believe on the inside.” ~ John C. Maxwell

Quote #2:

“Right voices = right choices” ~ Jentzen Franklin

Michael KSneak Peek Inside My Personal Journal

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  1. Marian Smith

    I agree with both. The 1st one reminds me of “You have to see it before you see it if you’re ever going to see it. The 2nd makes me think of internal & external. Voices come from both & we have to be sure we’re listening to the right ones in both areas.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Lisa Benn

    Mind renewal is a powerful thing. My experience with it is that involves primarily two things; my atmosphere and environment–setting and people. Right choices for me involves the Holy Ghost understanding His leading and obeying. Happy Friday!

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