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In 1997, Apple launched their now infamous advertising slogan: “Think Different.”

Apple’s ad campaign highlighted the lives of 17 individuals who throughout history pushed the human race forward because they chose to think differently about the issues their generation faced.

Steve Jobs and his team truly believed that in order for his company to as he put it “make a dent in the universe,” it would require them to think differently about the products they created.

…and Apple did just that.

By thinking differently about how we listen to our favorite music, Apple created the iPod.

By thinking differently about how we interact with the screens on our mobile phones, Apple created the iPhone.

By thinking differently about how what a person’s computing experience should look like, Apple created the MacBook and the iPad.

As a company, Apple understood and embraced the fact that age-old problems can only be solved through new ways of thinking.

The same is also true of you.

Whether in your business, your family, your church, or just your dreams in general, you cannot afford to think the same about those areas of your life if you have a desire to create something different!

Most people are aware that Albert Einstein coined the popular quote “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

But what you may not know is that Albert Einstein also had this to say:

“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Einstein understood that the state of our personal behavior (“doing” the same thing) begins first with the state of our personal mindset (“thinking” the same).

So evaluate your thinking about

the problems…

the opportunities…

the circumstances…

you’re currently facing.

If you truly want to create something remarkable in those areas, you must force yourself to think different.

Michael KThink Different

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  1. Lisa Benn

    Word up! While we’re talk about thinking differently, I read a study once that revealed eye-opening statistics about working on Friday. The study showed that out of the businesses that were surveyed the employers actually received only 4 hours of work out of the 8 hour work schedule on Friday. This only happened on Friday. The reason being was that the mind set of employees go into a different mode on Friday’s; especially if it’s a payday Friday, production slows down. So I have decided that when I open my business and hire employees , we are going to work 4 day work weeks, Monday through Thursday 10 hours a day and off every Friday. I did the math. I figured if I had at least 5 employees making ten dollars per hour only giving me 4 hours of service on Friday 52 weeks out of the year, I could save myself over 10,000 in payroll a year and increase my production through the week. HAPPY FRIDAY everybody!!!

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