Stop Waiting For Perfect

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“Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.” –Ecclesiastes 11:4 (NLT)

Solomon teaches us a valuable principle here:

Those who have to have perfect conditions in order to start will never begin.

If you have to find a “perfect” church for you and your family, you’ll never join one…

If you’re waiting on the “perfect” time once the holidays have passed to finally start working out, you’ll never get in shape…

If you’re waiting on the “perfect” conditions before you step out and do what God has called you to do, you’ll never walk in the purpose and plan that He has for your life.

Farmers can’t afford to wait on perfect weather before they plant and harvest their crops. They know that even when it’s raining, even when it’s hot, and even when it’s cold, their livelihood depends on a decision to act even when conditions aren’t at their best.

Are you waiting on “perfect” in any area of your life before you step out on faith and obey God?

In Joshua 3, before the God’s people crossed over into the Promise Land, God instructed the priests to go down to the Jordan River and stand in it.

Later in verse 15-16, it says that as soon as the priests obeyed and their feet touched the waters, the Jordan River parted and God’s people were able to miraculously walk across to the other side on dry land.

Before God demonstrated His miraculous power, the priests had to be willing to step out and get their feet wet in a river that was at the time at flood stage.

God is still in the miracle working business!

He wants to supernaturally move in your life in ways that defy natural laws and logic.

But before His power is released in your life, you’ll have to step out in faith and get your feet wet too, even if the starting conditions are less than ideal.

So stop waiting for the “perfect” time and place to get started because

The perfect place to get started is exactly where you are today!

Michael KStop Waiting For Perfect

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