Victory Loves Preparation

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“Everybody wants to be famous…but nobody wants to put the work in.” – Kevin Hart

In the movie The Mechanic, there’s a particular scene that has a short but powerful quote that stuck with me ever since I first came across it…

“Victory loves preparation.”

In other words, victory is not attracted to how we perform the DAY OF

It’s most attracted to what we do BEFORE the main event ever takes place!

For example, an athlete’s game time performance is directly related to the conditioning, or lack thereof, that they’ve performed in the weeks and months before.

The communicator’s performance behind the microphone the day of is directly related to the amount of time spent preparing their talk before they ever open their mouth.

But here’s the thing…

Victory isn’t simply ATTRACTED to preparation…

It’s madly in LOVE with it!

It likes to show up to the main event with preparation as its date hand in hand.

Want to know how you’ll perform on the big day?

Look no further than how hard you’re working leading up to it.

One quote about preparation says it like this…

“Don’t practice until you get it right…practice until you can’t get it wrong.”

So put the hard work in…

Sweat a little and then sweat some more.

Once you’re at the top of your game, you’ll be so glad that you did…

because victory loves preparation!

Michael KVictory Loves Preparation

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  1. Kendrice Little

    I love that quote..especially the second part of it..Practice until you can’t get it wrong. Thanks, this is confirmation concerning where I am.

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