7 Questions You Must Answer To Increase Your Influence

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Trying to increase your influence with others?

How you answer these 7 questions will determine your success:

1. How authentic am I? People will not follow you if they don’t first believe you. So be authentic…and watch your influence grow.

2. Do I value learning over titles or money? The more you learn, the more authority you gain. Value every single opportunity you can find to learn more than you presently know…even if the learning opportunity doesn’t initially come with a title or more pay. As your influence grows, titles and money will soon follow behind.

3. What am I practicing that builds my credibility? Your influence can only grow to the degree that others find you credible. Whether you’re Bill Clinton or Beyoncé, highly influential individuals put in the blood, sweat, and tears to become masters of their craft. Want to shatter records in your industry too?? Become a master of your craft through practice.

4. Am I serving as an example others want to follow? Influence is most powerful when it’s first demonstrated, not spoken. As Ken Kesey says, “You don’t lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case.” (Click here to tweet that)

5. How connected am I to others? Influence grows only to the degree that people first feel a connection to you. Show others that they matter. Connection is the key that opens the door of influence.

6. Do I keep my word? The size and impact of your influence will ultimately be determined by the integrity, or lack thereof, that you possess.

7. Do I solve problems that other people have? Influencers are problem solvers. The more problems you’re able to solve for others, the more influence you’ll possess with those you help.

If you want to expand your influence with others, you must be deliberate and intentional!

Choose today to succeed on purpose!

Michael K7 Questions You Must Answer To Increase Your Influence

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      Michael K

      That’s so true Edwina! At the most, a title simply buys a person a little time to build upon or tear down their influence with others. Glad to hear you enjoyed the read! Thanks for sharing!!

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