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This year is quickly coming to a close. 

That means it’s time to review our progress made over these past few months as well as kickoff off our planning for the months ahead!

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At the beginning of every year, people the world over begin their New Year’s with a brand new set of resolutions.

And for years, I have too!!

However, we’re all aware of the stereotypical problems associated with resolutions…

Most people break them within 2-3 months…

At about the 6-7 month mark, most have forgotten all together what they initially resolved to begin with.

For all that they promise, New Year’s resolutions are often difficult to complete because we set them annually, yet we live our lives on a day-to-day basis. If we never break our 12-month commitments down further into daily or weekly decisions, our chances of forming the habits required for success dramatically decrease.

Another reason many New Year’s resolutions often fail is a lack of focus. Simply, we set too many to be successful!

That’s why in 2015 I’m pursuing a new approach.

I’ve decided to join an online community that’s gained a lot of buzz online.

What is the name of this community?


Here’s the concept in a nutshell…

Instead of creating a long list of annual resolutions, you’re encouraged to brainstorm just One Word that you will focus on every single day throughout the year.

Why only one word?

Because it’s easy to remember one word for 365 days!

To read more about this concept and to see it practically applied in her own personal journey, I’d strongly encourage you to check out this blog post from OneWord365’s founder by clicking here.

Focus is the key to mastery!

I’ve decided to give this approach a try because I believe the focus it provides could actually produce greater personal growth for me than if I chose to plan all over the place.

If you’re reading this and you’re one of the disciplined few who can keep your resolutions for 12 months straight, by all means keep on doing what you’re doing and pray for the rest of us!!

However, if you’re looking for different results, this may be a new approach to consider.

FYI: I’m still brainstorming my One Word for 2015…

Whatever it is, I plan to focus less on WHAT I want to do and more on WHO I want to become.


I want to know what you think!

Are you a fan of this One Word concept??

Not really feeling it??

Either way, I’d love it if you’d jump into the conversation and share your opinion by leaving a comment below!

Michael KOne Word 365

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  1. Ayesha K

    Great concept! I will definitely give this a try! So simple…but I wonder how difficult it will be to just choose one word! LOL!

  2. Adrienne Nicole

    I love this approach. I normally set “reachable” resolutions/goals for myself but I really like this approach better and I am going to move forward with it.

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