Happy Thanksgiving

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This week, families all across the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving.

It’s a time of year full of

But for all of its joys, Thanksgiving for many is also a time of great stress.

Stress about

the menu—because the meal has to taste great…

family—because not every family member coming to visit is on our “favorite people in the world” list…

feelings—because the holiday season can be so tough for those whose loved ones are no longer here…

finances—because of the pressure to find the perfect holiday gifts at just the perfect price.

For all the things we may be tempted to stress about this Thanksgiving, it’s important to remember we have a lot to be thankful for!

So as you celebrate Thanksgiving this week, here’s my advice to you…

don’t stress over the food…simply prepare and enjoy it with love.

don’t stress about that one “special” family member…enjoy them as best you can for the time that they’re there.

don’t stress over who or what you’ve lost…focus on celebrating who and what you still have left.

don’t stress about your finances…because the things that matter most in life are priceless.

This Thanksgiving, you and I already have what may seem so simple, yet matters so much to many—

a warm place to stay
food on the table to eat, &
people close to us to share it all with.

And that in and of itself is more than enough to be thankful for!

I want to wish each of you a wonderful and happy thanksgiving holiday!

May it be all that you wish and more!!


Michael KHappy Thanksgiving

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