How To Respond When Life Hands You Bad News

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Bad news…

We all hate getting it.

But what should our response be when it inevitably shows up our way?

Over in Mark 5, we find a Jewish synagogue leader named Jairus asking Jesus to come to his home and heal his daughter who is critically sick.

Later on, while on his way back home with Jesus, Jairus is unfortunately given terrible news from a group of people who had just left his house:

“Your daughter died. Why bother Jesus anymore?”

Jesus, overhearing the bad news, decided to give Jairus some off-setting good news:

“You don’t have to fear that news you just heard! Simply believe.”

Two reports.

One bad…one good.

And just as it happened with Jairus, in life you too will hear two types of news:

The bad news you’ll hear from others:

It’s impossible…
You’re about to be all alone…
It can’t be figured out…
You’re burned out…
It’s dying or it’s dead…


The good news you’ll hear from Jesus:

All things are possible.
I’ll never leave or forsake you.
I will direct your steps.
I will give you rest.
I am the resurrection and the life.

And it’s at this crossroads that you must remember this simple truth about the news you’ll hear:

What matters most is not WHAT you hear; it’s WHO you believe!

So how should you respond when life gives you bad news?

Believe in the ONE who embodies what’s true and trust in what He’s said about the situation!

You will either be like the group in Mark 5:40 who were pushed outside of a miracle for not believing in Jesus.

Or you’ll be like the man described in Psalms 112:7 who’s not afraid of bad news because he confidently believes in the Lord and His ability to deliver.

Choose today to put your trust in the ONE who is able to bring forth life—even in the midst of death!

Michael KHow To Respond When Life Hands You Bad News

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    Michael K, thank you! That is extremely encouraging but most of all it’s true. It’s for right now and later on; it’ll preach and take you through life.

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