Three Things From Me To End The Year

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First, I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to each of you for taking the time out of your very busy schedules to complete my 2015 Reader Survey!

The insight and wisdom you gave me truly was a gift!

So again I say thanks!

Here is just a short peek at three of the several insights that you shared with me:

• The two most popular blog categories currently are #1—Spirituality and #2—Leadership.
• The two specific topics you’re most interested in hearing more about are Money and Relationships.
Facebook is by far the social media channel you use the most.

I’ve already begun to use your feedback in my planning and content creation for the next few months of 2015. I’m excited about next year and hope to add value to you in even greater ways.

Next, I’ve received a surprisingly large response from you of how you’re using last week’s post about The Unstuck App to help you to discover areas of your life that may be holding you back (in case you missed last week’s post, you can check it out by clicking here).

Well today I have something even better!!

I’ve been asked to be a guest speaker at the upcoming 4Ward Conference here in Birmingham, AL on Saturday, January 10th.

Hosted by motivational coach and keynote speaker Malinda T. White, this is a must attend conference for you if you are someone who:

• Feels stuck or unsure exactly how you should move forward
• Wants different results next year than you achieved in 2014
• Wants to accomplish more but aren’t quite sure what exactly you need to change

If you act now, the conference registration is only $25 per attendee ($30 at the door). You can register yourself and a friend simply by clicking here.

Take the next step on your personal journey towards success & be sure to register for this exciting conference today!

Lastly, I want to wish you and your entire family a wonderful Christmas holiday season and an incredible New Year!

As a first here on the blog, I’ve decided to close down the blog for the next two weeks.

I plan to use this vacation time as a chance to celebrate the holidays with family and friends as my wife Michelle and I await the birth (hopefully any day now) of our little baby girl—Meeghan Reese. All before what’s sure to be an incredible 2015!

I’ll return back in your inbox with all-brand new content on Monday, January 5th. 

My prayer is that this holiday season be all that you desire and more!

Thanks for an amazing 2014!

I’m incredibly excited about what the future holds for us!!

Until then,


Michael KThree Things From Me To End The Year

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  1. Malinda T. White

    Thanks for adding value to my life and I look 4Ward to the lives we will impact at the4Ward conference.

    Happy Holidays to you, Michelle and Meeghan!!!

  2. Marian Smith

    Michael K, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share such valuable wisdom with us this year. You’ve impacted lives in more ways than you’ll ever know. I am so happy for you and Michelle. God bless you both and Meeghan.

    With love and respect,


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