What Do You See: Giants or God?

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Whenever you are faced with an obstacle in life, what matters most in that moment is your perspective. In 1 Samuel 17, the Philistine giant Goliath stood face to face against the Israeli army. Day after day, Goliath approached God’s people shouting intimidating threats over and over again. It’s now thousands of years later and Satan is still shouting threats to us in our minds every single day. “You will never be able to afford _________…” “You will never be __________ enough to ____________…” “You will never outlast _____________…” What …

Michael KWhat Do You See: Giants or God?

6 Ways To Know You’re Growing As A Christian

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Today, my newborn baby girl Meeghan is celebrating her one-month old birthday. And over the course of these last four weeks, her mother and I have been amazed at how quickly her little body is growing. While growth of our physical bodies seems to almost happen unconsciously, spiritual growth on the other hand does not. Spiritual growth requires intentionality and effort. It is only through a combination of discipline and patience that we will find ourselves becoming more and more like Christ. Which begs that we ask ourselves questions like …

Michael K6 Ways To Know You’re Growing As A Christian

4 Questions You Need To Answer Before You Complain

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While grocery shopping just the other day, I found myself standing in the “20 items or less” aisle behind a customer who’d decided to checkout and pay for a shopping cart FULL of groceries! Immediately I started to get impatient and began to silently complain to myself about the situation. Doesn’t she see that big sign in front of us that says “20 items or less?” How rude can you be lady to keep me waiting longer than I have to! Later on that day, I thought about how I …

Michael K4 Questions You Need To Answer Before You Complain

5 Simple Ways To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today we pause to honor and remember the man, the life, and the legacy. Dr. King is celebrated for many different reasons. But above all else he is remembered most for his dream. And like Dr. King, you also have dreams that are meaningful and important to you. Maybe your dream is To go back to school. To buy a new home. Or to pursue a brand new career. No matter what your specific dream is, having it is easy. Turning it into reality, however, …

Michael K5 Simple Ways To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

How To Determine If Someone Is A Real, True Friend

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“How can I determine whether or not someone is a real, true friend?” It’s a question we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives. I mean no one wants to have fake friends right! Life is just too short to spend it wasting our time with the wrong people. What if there was a way to determine the qualities of someone who is a genuine friend? What if we could evaluate ourselves to see if we qualified as one? To help, let’s take a look at How To …

Michael KHow To Determine If Someone Is A Real, True Friend