5 Simple Ways To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we pause to honor and remember the man, the life, and the legacy.

Dr. King is celebrated for many different reasons. But above all else he is remembered most for his dream.

And like Dr. King, you also have dreams that are meaningful and important to you.

Maybe your dream is

To go back to school.

To buy a new home.

Or to pursue a brand new career.

No matter what your specific dream is, having it is easy. Turning it into reality, however, can prove to be much tougher.

To help you to create a future worth celebrating, here are 5 simple ways to turn your dreams into reality.

1. Embrace your purpose. Just because you have a dream does not mean that everything about it will go as expected.

Challenges will come.

People may leave.

Progress might appear far away.

In the midst of these challenges, pause to determine whether or not the dream that you’re pursuing is aligned with your God-given purpose. Why? Because God isn’t obligated to assist you to fulfill a purpose that He Himself hasn’t assigned.

Dr. King’s ability to navigate the challenges of the Civil Rights Movement was rooted in a Divine support of his God-given purpose.

God for sure wants to help you achieve your dreams. Just make sure that those dreams move you closer to His purposes for you!

2. Push past the fear. To achieve any dream that you have for your life you must make a decision that you will push past the fear. Whether it’s a fear of failing or a fear of the unknown, you will never see your dreams turn into reality without attacking your fear with action. Moving towards the things we fear is the key to driving them away. Don’t allow fear to cause you to come up short. Push past it and keep moving forward.

3. Prioritize diligence above comfort. Achievement of your dream will require you to work. Work to move beyond the comfort of what’s familiar. Work to move beyond the status quo. 

Dr. King overcame the challenges of his day by prioritizing diligence above comfort. He did what was needed in the moment, regardless of how he felt. And that diligence was what allowed him to stick things out, even in moments of adversity. Continue towards what God has told you regardless of how you feel!

4. Do not swallow the limitations of others. Along with any dream comes those who will say why it cannot be achieved. The good news is that the limitations that others will try to place on your dream cannot hold you down—unless you internalize them. No one can stop you but you. Don’t allow the limitations of naysayers and critics to settle down on the inside of you.

5. Share your dream with others. Dr. King’s ability to share his dream with the world was a key to bringing along the support of others. Your dream will require support from a team. But that team can never support your dream until you first tell it to them. Cast your vision. Share the dream. Your progress towards it will demand that you do.

Don’t give up on the dreams that God has given to you! Continue to put your expectation in Him. Shape your dreams with diligent & consistent actions. And watch Him exceed all of your dreams beyond your wildest imagination.

Michael K5 Simple Ways To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

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  1. Marian Smith

    You are right about listening to what people say and that’s why I haven’t fully shared. But an act of faith would be to share because that puts fear on the run and let’s God know that I believe His word(or words spoken to my spirit) above all else. Thank you.

  2. Marian Smith

    Yes, I have dreams. Oftentimes I don’t share them or only share part because of other peoples negativity but I’ll have to open up, carefully choose whom I share them with & move forward. You’re a great example. Sharing this wisdom is what God has called you to do and even with everything that’s going on in your life at this time , you’re faithful to it. Thank you Michael K!

    1. Post
      Michael K

      I so agree with you Marian that not everyone will be ready to hear or support your dreams. One key indicator I think is to listen to how someone talks. Those who aren’s supportive of your dreams will tell on themselves by the words that they say to you!

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