8 Guys Some Women Date Before Finally Finding The One

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“Is he marriage material?”

For many women, the answer to that question is worth a million bucks.

No woman wants to end up with the wrong guy.

But how can you tell if a guy is really a keeper?

If you’re looking to find Mr. Just Right For You, here are 8 guys some women date before finally finding the one:

1. The Bad Boy.

It’s obvious this guy isn’t marriage material but there’s just that something about him.

Maybe it’s his swag that creates a feeling of protection.

Or maybe it’s the challenge to convert him once he’s your man.

Even though he may seem desirable for a season, the fantasy of The Bad Boy will soon be replaced with plenty of trouble and drama.

2. The Workaholic.

This guy is driven. He’s smart. He’s ambitious, and a self-starter.

So what’s not to like?

For all of his strengths, this guy has a really hard time unplugging from his work.

Conversations tend to lean towards work or his feelings and thoughts about it.

While his intentions are admirable, his inability to turn work on and off can create tension in his relationships.

3. The Mama’s Boy.

This guy definitely knows how to treat a good woman when he finds one…

The problem is just that no woman he finds will ever be as good as his mom!

No one’s cooking is ever better…

No one’s advice is ever as wise…

He’ll willingly invite his mom into much of his business, even if it means having to tell yours to do so.

Women like a strong man to lean on.

But know that to lean onto him is to lean onto his momma too.

4. The Sugar Daddy.

Well established and generous, this guy likes his fun and is willing to pay for it.

But the fun he likes to have usually comes with strings attached.

He’s big on control and is willing to make things work as long as the deal is sweet enough for him.

His M.O. will pressure you to compromise your integrity or it’ll put you into a situation that will.

5. The Gamer.

He’s a guy who would love to listen to you…As long as what you have to say isn’t during the middle of his video games (PS: You’ll have a better shot at getting his attention if you wait until he gets to the next SAVE checkpoint in the video game).

Offering to play his favorite video game with him may go a long way on the thoughtfulness scale…

Or it may make you look out of touch or simply in his way.

You will have plenty of competition for his attention & time.

Advance to the next level with caution.

6. The Cheapskate.

From your very first date with this guy, “budget” and “saving” are two words he uses a LOT.

He likes to think of himself as not really cheap…just responsible with his money.

Sure, no guy has to spend a fortune to show you that he cares…but don’t make him choose between you and his money because you may walk away as the loser!

Pay close attention to the way a man chooses to spend money.

How he treats you while you’re dating is usually a sign of things to come once you finally say “I do.”

7. The Player.

The Player knows the right things to say at just the right moments.

He’s smooth and knows better than to make the mistakes these other guys would make.

He usually seems like a dream come true…until he finds another woman who can give him more of what he’s missing.

You may think that you know him but you’ll only know the parts he allows you to see.

Time has a way of exposing this guy. And when it does, you’d do best to stay far away from him.

8. The Guy Who’s Good On Paper.

He’s responsible and stable.

He has the right degree and the right career.

He is the guy your parents would love!

The Guy Who’s Good On Paper has all of the qualities you SHOULD like in a guy but there’s something missing—the chemistry between you two.

You know that he’s the perfect guy for some lucky lady out there…you’re just not sure that lucky lady is you.

Relationships don’t happen on paper! They’re made in real life one conversation at a time.

Why settle for just good on paper when instead you can have great in real life?

9. The ONE.

Fortunately, this guy comes in all types of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Two ways to recognize him when you see him: (1) He loves God and (2) he loves you.

First, he’s a sincere believer and has a relationship with God that is independent of you. His love for God is important because no Godly marriage will stand the test of time if it isn’t first centered on Christ.

Second, he loves and honors you. He puts in the effort to get to know you and treats you with respect. Without a sincere love for you, he’ll never be able to make the sacrifices it takes to make a marriage thrive and grow.

None of us are perfect and we shouldn’t expect perfection of our mates!

But if we acknowledge and include God in our final decision, He promises to direct every step that we take.

Let Me Hear From You

What do you think are one or two qualities you should look for in the person you marry?

Share your thoughts and opinion by leaving a comment below.


Michael K8 Guys Some Women Date Before Finally Finding The One

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  1. Lisa Benn

    Where da “Suga Daddy’s at?” Just a little humor. Thanks Mike for putting me in remembrance of the past lol! Happy Monday!

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  2. Marian Smith

    Michael K, this is so good! I want a man who loves God, me and my daughter(knows that he’s dad, not stepdad). There are a lot of others things I want in my husband, but this is the most important.

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