8 Women Some Guys Date Before Finally Finding The One

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In today’s world full of 

Fake nails…

Fake hair…

and Lord knows what other body parts are fake…

it may seem harder than ever to find a woman who’s truly real–both inside and out.

Fortunately for you, there are in fact plenty of available women searching for a love that’s as genuine as themselves.

So how can a Christian guy separate a woman who’s real “Wifey” material from the woman who’s simply pretending?

To help my brothers out in their search for Ms. Right, here are 8 women some guys date before finally finding The One:

1. The Party Girl.

The Party Girl definitely knows how to have a good time!

Want to know the hottest spots of the social scene? She’s got you covered!

She’s definitely the life of the party.…

Only problem is that her entire life is just that—One Big Party!

Often accompanied by poor choices, she has her fair share of regrets.

No guy wants to settle down with a Party Girl.

Until she decides to finally switch up her lifestyle, respect from other men will always be hard to come by.

2. The Rebound.

The Rebound jumps immediately into dating someone new to help her get over her failed relationship.

Generalizations like 

“All men are _______…” 

are used quite frequently throughout many of her conversations.

Although she’s really not into the guy she’s currently dating, he does at least kill the free time she now has now that she’s no longer with her ex.

She’s not looking to develop real roots with her new guy, so don’t be surprised if she’s out the door at the first sign of something “better”.

Guys, be careful of a woman who sees you as nothing more than a band-aid to cover her past wounds that still have yet to heal.

Only Jesus can mend broken hearts.

So please don’t try to play His role in the life of someone else!

3. The Flirt.

Most guys like a woman who knows how to flirt.

Flirting is attractive, exciting, and can let a guy know that a woman is interested.

But no guy wants a woman who flirts with every single guy that she meets!

A habitual flirt will quickly lose the trust of any guy that she dates.

The Flirt is constantly looking for her affirmation from men, which may be rooted in areas where her own self-esteem is still fragile.

4. The Homie.

Ahh, The Homie.

Beyond cool to talk to and kick it with, guys really do enjoy going out with her…

Only there’s no meaningful physical attraction towards her from the guy’s perspective.

In short, The Homie is “friend-zone” at its finest.

And that’s about all I have to say about that.

5. The Desperate Girl.

For The Desperate Girl, any man is better than no man at all.

Her desperate need to have a man immediately often leaves her feeling incomplete without one.

She wants to get married like yesterday, and will often ask deep, life-long commitment questions on her very first date with a guy…

“So how many kids do you want?”

“How soon are you looking to get married?”

“What do you want in a wife?”

She doesn’t have time to get to know the guy that she’s dating because she’s too busy planning their future wedding.

Her emotional wholeness is based on whether or not she has a man in her life—not in God or His perspective about her.

6. The Clingy Woman.

The Clingy Woman’s relationship is the whole of her life.

Outside of her relationship, she hardly has any other friendships, interests, or activities.

Her greatest wish is to spend all of her time just being with you and she expects you to respond in a similar fashion.

Her constant need to be reaffirmed often leaves her man feeling exhausted and drained.

She fishes for compliments often and takes time spent apart from each other personally.

Her intentions aren’t really to smother her guy.

She’s been hurt before and now she wants a sense of control in the final outcome of her current relationship.

7. The Gold Digger.

While there’s nothing wrong with seeking financial stability, The Gold Digger takes it to the ultimate extreme.

Her marriage motto is “For Richer or For Richer” and she won’t hesitate to leave you if your financial status ever changes.

She’s more concerned about what you can buy for HER than she ever will be about YOU.

In the end, The Gold Digger’s dream is to live a lifestyle through your money that she could not afford on her own.

8. The Nagging Woman.

The Nagging Woman complains about any and everything.

Proverbs 27:15 says she’s like the drip of a leaky faucet that never lets up.

No man likes to hear a woman complain over and over again.

Unless this woman changes how she communicates, no guy will ever pay her any attention for long.

9. The One.

She is super supportive of YOUR hopes and dreams…

But has ambitions and dreams of HER own.

You see yourself living your life together with her.

Time seems to fly when you spend it with her.

She’s beautiful—inside and out.

And she is willing to do whatever it takes to be the wife God has called her to be.

In the end, a healthy marriage boils down to having two mature partners who are willing to look and invest both inward and outwardly.

They willingly look inward and invest the effort it takes to better themselves.

But they also willingly look outward, and choose to invest in meeting the needs and desires of their spouse.

When you finally find someone willing to invest in themselves AND in you, hold on to them…

because you’ve finally found someone special!

Michael K8 Women Some Guys Date Before Finally Finding The One

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  1. Regina Williams

    WOW! You hit a home run! All I can say is ….you have told ’em, now they need to see where they are and CHANGE IF THEY ARE NOT IN THE LAST GROUP…..THAT IS IF THEY WANT A HUBBY, LOL!

    1. Post
      Michael K

      Appreciate it, Mrs Regina! You embody a great example for others of a wise & successful wife & woman! Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  2. Marian Smith

    And there it is people…….the truth. Seriously we’ve either met or been one of these women at some point in our lives. The blessing is when you can recognize it in yourself and make the necessary adjustments(with Gods help) to become The One for someone.

    1. Post
  3. Quinton Brooks

    Very good blog MK!

    I’ve met all the types you mentioned and dated only a few…very accurate. The last woman type is definitely the best fit and worth waiting for!!!


    1. Post
      Michael K

      Thanks for the encouragement Quinton! I totally agree that a Godly woman is totally worth waiting for! Appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and adding to the conversation.

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