What Matters Most To You In Life?

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Recently, I ran across an incredibly interesting video of a TED Talk given by New York Times Op-Ed columnist David Brooks.

In his TED Talk, Mr. Brooks outlines a very thought-provoking question:

“Should we live our lives with our résumés or our eulogies in mind?”

Let me explain…

In his talk, Mr. Brooks shares that in life there are two sets of virtues: (1) Résumé Virtues & (2) Eulogy Virtues.

Resume virtues are the skills you’d place on your resume. They’re what you bring to the marketplace.

Eulogy virtues are the qualities you’d be remembered for in your eulogy. They’re usually much deeper and have to do with the quality of your relationships and who you were as a person.

No matter how accomplished, resume virtues are rarely ever highlighted in a person’s eulogy.

How often at funerals do you hear

“Man, she really worked such long hours…

And she worked late so many times…

Until she was finally promoted to Senior Vice President of the company.”

Although many of us would say that eulogy virtues matter most, Mr. Brooks points out that today’s results-driven culture still  places much more emphasis on resume virtues than it does eulogy virtues.

In his talk, Mr. Brooks challenges us to examine our lives and to think about how we want to be remembered.

He pushes us to wrestle with this ongoing tension without declaring either set of virtues inherently right or wrong.

I’d love for you to take a quick look at Mr. Brooks’ TED Talk below and jump into the conversation afterwards.

In your opinion, how do you manage the tension between the resume and eulogy virtues in your own life?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Michael KWhat Matters Most To You In Life?

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  1. Ashley D

    Great Share Michael K!! What he’s saying is absolutely true and makes you think. We’re often so driven by our now, that we forget or don’t put as much emphasis on the footprints and impressions that we will leave on others. Now days people are pretty much for self, which cause more selfishness and less selflessness. I agree that both are valuable and that we can leave great marks in both areas. It’s up to us!

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  2. Marian Smith

    That video is thought provoking. But I realized, gratefully, that I work towards a happy medium between Adam 1 & Adam 2. God has blessed me with a solid work ethic in that even after being employed with the same company for almost 23 years, I still work as unto Him in being on time, doing more than what’s expected, mentoring/training others, etc. But I also want to live a life that honors God which means while I work as unto Him I build others up on my job and not tear them down, I am able to witness to others because I remember that my life is worship, word and witness and all while doing this, also keeping in mind that my daughter and home life must remain a priority. Did it all come together just like that? Of course not, but through my relationship with God, being taught by my spiritual father Dr. Mike Moore and having family and friends that will tell me the TRUTH, I daily press toward the mark. Have an awesome week Michael K. You are so valuable to God ‘s kingdom and appreciated. Much love to you and your family.

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      Michael K

      That is awesome Marian!! Thanks for sharing how you manage the tension between the two in your life & thanks for being so encouraging!! I pray you have an amazing week as well!

  3. La Brenda Norman

    Very thought provoking. His changes one’s total outlook on life. I hope we really here the message. Thank you for sharing.

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      Michael K

      You’re more than welcome Mrs LaBrenda! I agree, this talk really challenged me to think about the areas of my life where I give my best energies. Thought provoking indeed!

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