The #1 Word That Will Destroy Your Productivity

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Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot more about the words that I speak and the power that they have over my quality of life.

One of the words that I think needs to be eliminated from our vocabulary is the word should.

Whenever you use the word should (i.e., “I SHOULD lose weight”), you’re basically telling yourself that you have an obligation to do something different than what you’re presently experiencing.

In other words, using the word should implies that what you’re currently doing, thinking, or feeling — when compared to some ideal of perfection — is wrong…it’s bad…and it needs to change.

The problem though with the word should is that it rarely ever leads to change!

Should is a crutch for inaction. It merely makes you feel inadequate, regretful and more inclined to compare yourself with something or someone else.

What if instead of using the word should you began to have a different conversation with yourself? 

What if you began replacing the word “should” with the word “choose.”

Should is a lazy word that will never go to work for you. However, the idea of choosing to do something actually leads to action. 

Going back to our example, if instead of saying “I should lose weight” you said “I choose to exercise 3 days a week,” you’d find it easier to become more active and doing so would lead you to a slimmer waist.

There are people who say what they should do. And then there are people who choose to go out and actually do it.

Which one are you?

Michael KThe #1 Word That Will Destroy Your Productivity

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  1. Clarence

    Your words show us how to change what we say to change what we are doing. Simple steps to take to change my course of action. I “should”; I Choose to be better. Thanks!

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