5 Financial Habits Happy Couples Have

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Money is a big source of contention in many couples’ relationships.


Even the best of relationships have taken a hit or two when financial problems unexpectedly arose and caused stress, disagreement, and a breakdown in communication in the couples’ relationship.


What’s even more troubling is the fact that statistics show financial problems are commonly cited as the second highest reason most married couples divorce each year!


That doesn’t have to be the case.


Is there a better way to live that promotes stability and relational health?




To help, here are


5 Financial Habits Happy Couples Have:

1. They take responsibility for managing their finances. 

Happy couples realize that they alone are responsible for managing the finances that flows through their hands. 

They realize that good money management is a joint effort and both partners in the relationship are willing to do their part to get ahead.

Never forget this:

No one else will ever care about your money like you do!

Be proactive and work hard together to tackle your financial goals by giving it all that you’ve got.


2. They set financial goals.

One of the most helpful habits a couple can have is setting aside time to create and discuss what they want to accomplish financially.

Where do you want to be in a year? Or Two? Or Three?

How soon do you want to start thinking about purchasing a house?

At what age do you ideally want to retire?

Getting on the same page about your answers to these types of questions goes a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship and preventing unnecessary misunderstanding down the road. 

3. They show one another mutual respect.

In some relationships, who has the “bigger say” about the couples’ money is determined by who brings the most of it home.

Whatever you do, avoid this mistake like the plague!

While it’s good to communicate about your financial goals, giving a bigger say to the person with the highest pay erodes mutual respect in the partner who brings home less money each month.  It will only lead to resentment and frustration in the future.

4. They live and spend with the future in mind. 

“Compounding interest is the eight wonder of the world. – Albert Einstein

While Einstein may have embellished things just a tad, he was absolutely correct in highlighting this fascinating result of compound interest—the sooner you save and invest, the sooner your money can grow and work for you. 

Whether it’s sending their kids off to college one day or planning for rising long-term care costs in the near future, couples who live and spend their money with the future in mind are more prepared and less stressed when the future finally arrives. 

Whether we’re ready for it or not, tomorrow is coming

Happy couples not only know that…they begin preparing for it long before it ever shows up. 

5. They set aside money in their budget to have a good time.

Last but certainly not least, happy couples intentionally invest money into developing and enhancing their relationship.

Strong relationships are built through investments of time, energy, and yes money!

Get your partner involved in helping to determine how this fun money should be spent.

Remember: Whatever you feed is what will grow stronger in your life!

Feed your relationship by creating a part of your budget solely dedicated to having fun because…

One of the greatest investments you will ever make won’t be that large down payment you’ll make on the home of your dreams—it will be the investment you intentionally choose to make in your relationship to keep it remaining exciting and fun!


Money will either push you towards your goals as a couple or it will push you further apart.


Don’t leave things up to chance


Be intentional and start building healthy habits that lead to a healthy tomorrow today!

Michael K5 Financial Habits Happy Couples Have

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  1. Adrienne Nicole

    This was really good. I am going to remember and introduce this when I get married. But until then, I am going to apply it to myself NOW!

  2. Marian Smith

    Michael K this information is clear, complete and so helpful. Money shouldn’t be a point of contention in relationships but often is because it’s not discussed in detail and managed properly a lot of times. This is needed if you’re in a relationship or single. Thank you.

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