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If you’re looking for tips on personal finance, there’s plenty of advice out there to find.   If you want to hear opinions on the best ways to raise your kids, the world is full of know-it-all’s who’d love to tell you how!   But, with everything it takes to achieve success in both of these areas, finding someone who can address both issues in a practical, meaningful way can at times feel like a daunting challenge.    In his latest book, “The Opposite of Spoiled,” New York Times money columnist Ron Lieber gives his own take, based on …


3 Reasons To Join Me At Platform University

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You have a voice.   You have a story to tell.   At this very moment, there are people all over the world eagerly awaiting SOMEONE who will come along and be bold enough to share   their personal experiences…   their creative ideas…   their inner convictions…   fully realizing that they have been called to help make a difference in the lives of others.   And guess what?   You are that someone!   Not only are you someone with a story to tell, you are someone who no longer needs permission to share it!   Thanks to technological advances and the …

Michael K3 Reasons To Join Me At Platform University

How To Take The Next Step In Achieving Your Goals & Dreams

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If you have ever had    a goal…   a dream…   an idea…   that you wanted so passionately to finally see come alive, I strongly encourage you try out this simple exercise.  While it may be simple to complete, this exercise can actually help you to begin determining what adjustments you may need to make in order to move forward and start turning your dreams into reality! Here’s what I want you to do:   Take out a single sheet of paper.   Next, draw a solid line down the middle of the page. At the top of …

Michael KHow To Take The Next Step In Achieving Your Goals & Dreams