How To Take The Next Step In Achieving Your Goals & Dreams

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If you have ever had 


a goal…


a dream


an idea


that you wanted so passionately to finally see come alive, I strongly encourage you try out this simple exercise

While it may be simple to complete, this exercise can actually help you to begin determining what adjustments you may need to make in order to move forward and start turning your dreams into reality! Here’s what I want you to do:


Take out a single sheet of paper.


Next, draw a solid line down the middle of the page.

At the top of the left column on the page, write down the words “Tension Relieving”.


At the top of the right column of the page, write down the words “Goal Achieving”.


Now that both columns are labeled, I want you to think back and evaluate how you spent your time this past week. Not last month…just this week!

As you begin to reflect, I want you to write any activities that you did this week to relieve stress down in the “Tension Relieving” column. 

For example, if you watched your favorite TV show, slept in a few hours later one morning, or went to check out the latest movie, write those activities down under the Tension Relieving column.

Next, I want you to write down in the “Goal Achieving” column any activities that you performed this week that you could say pushed you closer towards achieving your goals and dreams. 

For example, if you read a good book or blog post about your dream, or if you spent a few minutes praying about your future, or if you chose to stay up an hour or two later one night to help you think through where you want to go next, write all of those activities down under the Goal Achieving column. 


Now that you have some of your activities written down on paper, I want you to begin to evaluate which column received the greatest investment of your time and effort this week—Tension Relieving or Goal Achieving?


Let me be clear!


There is absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever with relieving tension and stress throughout your week! In fact, not only is it okay to do so, it’s usually incredibly healthy!


But here’s the thing…


You’ll never truly see dramatic progress towards your dreams and goals in life if week after week the left side of the page (i.e., Tension Relieving) always receives the bulk of your time and energy!!


Begin to shift your time and energy to activities that support the achievement of your goals.

Once you do, you’ll begin to experience momentum and discover that achieving your goals won’t take you as long as you originally thought!

Michael KHow To Take The Next Step In Achieving Your Goals & Dreams

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