3 Reasons To Join Me At Platform University

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You have a voice.


You have a story to tell.


At this very moment, there are people all over the world eagerly awaiting SOMEONE who will come along and be bold enough to share


their personal experiences…


their creative ideas…


their inner convictions…


fully realizing that they have been called to help make a difference in the lives of others.


And guess what?


You are that someone!


Not only are you someone with a story to tell, you are someone who no longer needs permission to share it!


Thanks to technological advances and the introduction of social media, gone are the days where you need the approval of gatekeepers like publishing companies or event planners in order to get your message out to a broader audience.


But there is one problem…


In a world with over 68 million blogs and over half a million podcasts, the world is as crowded and as noisy as it’s ever been!


So how can you be sure that your message stands out amongst the crowd?


What must you do if you dream of rising above a growing flood of competition in the marketplace?


Today, I’d like to share with you an online resource that I’ve used personally over the last year to help me answer these types of questions and more.


That resource is Platform University.


Platform University is an online community founded by New York Times bestselling author and speaker Michael Hyatt to simply help you attract and influence a larger audience.


To give you a deeper insight into how this online community has benefited me personally, here are 


3 Reasons To Join Me At Platform University:

1. You’ll Gain Access To Expert Advice. 

Each month, Michael Hyatt and other leading platform experts share their hard-won wisdom through a Platform University module entitled Master Classes

Taught by leading experts such as Dave Ramsey and Lysa TerKeurst, these Master Classes cover a number of different topics ranging from The Number One Negotiating Strategy You Can Use To Increase Your Speaking Revenue to How To Engage Your Audience In Such A Way That They Do Your Marketing For You.


These Master Classes have been a game changer for me because I believe that who we listen to in life determines what we’re ultimately able to achieve.


This module alone will help you avoid costly mistakes as you build your platform and will help you to achieve greater results faster than you’d be able to if you tried to build it alone.

2. You’ll Gain Access Into A Thriving Community.


Whenever you’re going through anything in life, it helps to have a community around you to go through it with you.

Through the Discussion Forums in Platform University, you’ll gain access to conversations from people around the world who, just like you, are working to build their platform and get their message heard.


You’ll have the chance to celebrate others’ successes as well as share challenges that you’re facing in order to get feedback from those who’ve faced similar issues.

I’ve learned about and been exposed to so many new platform building tools and resources just through this aspect of Platform University alone.

3. You’ll Gain Access To The Inspiration Necessary To Breakthrough. 


Building a platform for your message is tough. 


It takes hard work and a lot of commitment. 

When you have moments where you feel like giving up (and trust me you will have these moments), it really helps to hear an encouraging voice from someone who’s walked down that road before.

Michael Hyatt worked a full-time job at the same time that he was working to build a successful personal platform. 

He understands the unique challenges that you will face because he’s faced and overcome them himself. 


Michael Hyatt just gets it!


And not only that…he also cares!

Michael doesn’t give back through Platform University because he needs help building his own platform. He’s already achieved success. 

He gives back simply because he cares about you and wants to see you win!


In closingyou may be wondering what type of investment you will have to make in order to be a part of Platform University. 


Access to Platform University will cost you $30 per month and there are no annual contracts or hidden fees to keep you locked in.


For all that you get, this price per month is worth every penny!


And trust me, I should definitely know…


Months after joining this online community last year, my wife and I had our very first baby. So obviously, our household budget’s line items immediately began to change and I began to see these changes show up in the amount designated for me to receive personally each month.

Abegan to make the necessary changes in my personal account that inevitably comes as a result of having children, one budget line item that I refused to remove was my investment in Platform University. 


That’s how valuable this resource has been in helping me to become better equipped to share my own personal story and insight with the world.


I encourage you to check out www.PlatformUniversity.com to learn more about the program. 


Pray about whether or not this opportunity is a part of the training you’ll need to do what you’ve been called by God to do. If so, I strongly recommend that you jump all in both feet first!!


Trust me…you will definitely be happy that you did!




Michael K3 Reasons To Join Me At Platform University

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