5 Keys To Collecting A Larger Company Paycheck

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All of us could use some extra money in our paychecks. Some people, in pursuit of a larger company paycheck, incorrectly assume that simply working harder will translate to increased pay. Here’s the thing. The key to collecting more money from your company is not to simply work harder. The key to increasing your paycheck is to increase the value that you are adding to the company. Companies are looking for employees that add value to their bottom line or mission. It’s possible to work hard on numerous activities that …

Michael K5 Keys To Collecting A Larger Company Paycheck

Who’s On Your Boat?

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It has been said that you are now who you will be in 5 years except for two things: the books that you read and the people that you meet. If this is true, then who we allow into our lives, especially into our inner circle, is critically important to us achieving success. In Jonah 1:3, Jonah decides to hop aboard a ship headed for the city of Tarshish. But this is no ordinary cruise vacation. We’re told in that same verse that Jonah has boarded this ship intent to …

Michael KWho’s On Your Boat?