Removing Clutter From Your Life & Work Spaces

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Have you ever struggled with clutter? If you’re not sure, pause for a moment to consider these questions: Does your refrigerator or pantry consistently have food in it that you never eat? Are your bookshelves at home or in the office full of books you rarely pick up and read? Does your closet hold clothes in it that you hardly ever wear? Is your cell phone full of contacts that you never call or reach out to? Does your inbox hold emails that you’ve kept but never go back to …

Michael KRemoving Clutter From Your Life & Work Spaces

How To Journal In 6 Simple Steps

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I believe that success leaves clues… One trait that successful people have all had in common for centuries is that throughout their lives they kept a journal. Since we looked at a few of the benefits of keeping a journal in our last post (click here to check it out), today I’d like to tackle the next question you’ll likely ask once you’ve made the decision to start keeping one… “What exactly should I do next?” Great question!… I’m so glad you asked! To help you answer it, here’s a few …

Michael KHow To Journal In 6 Simple Steps

The Benefits of Keeping A Journal

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Despite its popularity, I never really got into journal writing much growing up. Sure I’d seen and heard how beneficial it had been to others, but it just never really was my thing. But that was then… And this is now…. After finally taking the plunge for myself, here are just a few of the personal benefits that I believe consistently keeping a journal can provide for you: 1. Get To Know Yourself Better. As you start to keep your journal, you’ll begin to pay closer attention to what really …

Michael KThe Benefits of Keeping A Journal

10 Awesome Tips You Can Use This Summer Season

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The summer season is finally here!! And we all know what that means… More sun… More road trips… More cookouts… and yes… More fun! In the spirit of celebrating all that the summer brings, I’d like to share with you this brief video that has 10 awesome tips that you can use throughout the next few weeks of summer. From a better way to eat your next hamburger to helping your kids avoid sticky fingers after eating their next popsicle, I hope that you’ll find a few of these tips …

Michael K10 Awesome Tips You Can Use This Summer Season

Who’s Currently Mentoring You?

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Often, one of the biggest differences separating those who dream of success and those who actually achieve it is mentoring. Today, I want to introduce you to a few of the ongoing sources of mentorship currently in my life.  While this isn’t an exhaustive list, I’ve tried to capture (in no particular order) a list of eight and each related area of mentorship. Also, I’ve included some sample content for you to check out when you get a chance. Be sure to explore additional content from those listed beyond what …

Michael KWho’s Currently Mentoring You?