The #1 Word That Will Destroy Your Productivity

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Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot more about the words that I speak and the power that they have over my quality of life. One of the words that I think needs to be eliminated from our vocabulary is the word should. Whenever you use the word should (i.e., “I SHOULD lose weight”), you’re basically telling yourself that you have an obligation to do something different than what you’re presently experiencing. In other words, using the word should implies that what you’re currently doing, thinking, or feeling — when compared …

Michael KThe #1 Word That Will Destroy Your Productivity

5 Ways Successful People Start Their Mornings

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Winning at anything takes practice. Just take a look at anyone who’s ever won anything in life and you will discover a set of behaviors practiced over time that led to success. Whether you know it or not, you too have a morning routine. But is there a way to determine which morning routine is “best?” What behaviors do high achievers practice each morning that set them apart from those who aren’t? While there are no set rules for what is “best” for each individual person, here are five things …

Michael K5 Ways Successful People Start Their Mornings


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From time to time, I enjoy featuring other voices here on the blog that I believe will contribute to your personal growth and development. In the past, I’ve featured content from Pastor Steven Furtick and today’s post entitled 100% once again comes from him.  If you aren’t already familiar with Pastor Furtick, he is the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church based in Charlotte, NC. He is also the New York Times® Best Selling author of Crash the Chatterbox, Greater, and Sun Stand Still. For more great content from Pastor Furtick like the post below, be sure to check out his daily blog by clicking here. 100% …

Michael K100%

What Matters Most To You In Life?

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Recently, I ran across an incredibly interesting video of a TED Talk given by New York Times Op-Ed columnist David Brooks. In his TED Talk, Mr. Brooks outlines a very thought-provoking question: “Should we live our lives with our résumés or our eulogies in mind?” Let me explain… In his talk, Mr. Brooks shares that in life there are two sets of virtues: (1) Résumé Virtues & (2) Eulogy Virtues. Resume virtues are the skills you’d place on your resume. They’re what you bring to the marketplace. Eulogy virtues are …

Michael KWhat Matters Most To You In Life?

Can You Overcome Approval Addiction? Absolutely!

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“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” – Dita Von Teese For years, I battled with approval addiction. Time and again I performed—looking to avoid rejection and gain others’ acceptance. If you’ve ever been there you know there’s always One more pound to gain… One more pound to lose. One more habit to start… One more habit to break. Performing for acceptance never ends! It feels like a hamster running on its wheel—constantly active but never making …

Michael KCan You Overcome Approval Addiction? Absolutely!