8 Mobile Apps You Don’t Want To Miss—Part One

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If you’re anything like me, you probably own a smartphone and take it with you just about everywhere that you go. Because of their functionality, our mobile phones have quickly become a part of our everyday lives. What causes our mobile devices to truly feel uniquely “ours” are the mobile apps that we choose to download to them. Whether you have an Android mobile phone or an iPhone (I’m an Apple junkie myself), there are literally thousands of apps to help improve your personal and professional life. Below are 8 …

Michael K8 Mobile Apps You Don’t Want To Miss—Part One

Welcome To My Blog

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I would like to use this first post to welcome you to MichaelKMoore.com! This site is designed to be all about you! My prayer over this blog is that it would provide you with opportunities to read testimonies and stories that inspire and encourage you in your everyday life. As you approach various problems, challenges, or decisions, I pray that you find strategies and techniques on this site that uniquely fit your situation. Lastly, my prayer is that this blog assist you in the development of those you lead, and …

Michael KWelcome To My Blog