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If you’re looking for tips on personal finance, there’s plenty of advice out there to find.   If you want to hear opinions on the best ways to raise your kids, the world is full of know-it-all’s who’d love to tell you how!   But, with everything it takes to achieve success in both of these areas, finding someone who can address both issues in a practical, meaningful way can at times feel like a daunting challenge.    In his latest book, “The Opposite of Spoiled,” New York Times money columnist Ron Lieber gives his own take, based on …


3 Reasons To Join Me At Platform University

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You have a voice.   You have a story to tell.   At this very moment, there are people all over the world eagerly awaiting SOMEONE who will come along and be bold enough to share   their personal experiences…   their creative ideas…   their inner convictions…   fully realizing that they have been called to help make a difference in the lives of others.   And guess what?   You are that someone!   Not only are you someone with a story to tell, you are someone who no longer needs permission to share it!   Thanks to technological advances and the …

Michael K3 Reasons To Join Me At Platform University

10 Fantastic Podcasts You Should Definitely Check Out

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Factoring in morning traffic, it usually takes me about an hour each day to finally reach the parking lot at my job. Because I constantly spend so much time on the road commuting back and forth from work, I’ve found that instead of being a hassle, my commute is actually one of the greatest opportunities that I have to invest into my personal growth. Hands down, podcasts are my preferred way to quickly listen to tons of great content. The great thing about podcasts is they’re quick, incredibly helpful, and …

Michael K10 Fantastic Podcasts You Should Definitely Check Out

The #1 Word That Will Destroy Your Productivity

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Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot more about the words that I speak and the power that they have over my quality of life. One of the words that I think needs to be eliminated from our vocabulary is the word should. Whenever you use the word should (i.e., “I SHOULD lose weight”), you’re basically telling yourself that you have an obligation to do something different than what you’re presently experiencing. In other words, using the word should implies that what you’re currently doing, thinking, or feeling — when compared …

Michael KThe #1 Word That Will Destroy Your Productivity

5 Ways Successful People Start Their Mornings

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Winning at anything takes practice. Just take a look at anyone who’s ever won anything in life and you will discover a set of behaviors practiced over time that led to success. Whether you know it or not, you too have a morning routine. But is there a way to determine which morning routine is “best?” What behaviors do high achievers practice each morning that set them apart from those who aren’t? While there are no set rules for what is “best” for each individual person, here are five things …

Michael K5 Ways Successful People Start Their Mornings